hey its syler. I'm bored today. its spring break week 4 us, so i got stuck home alone. though im on my laptop brainstorming ideas 4 the party.

i think elsaworldz told u about when and where and all that kinda stuff. so, be there!!! he he.

the rock bogies are still there in dizzywood. some slime u and some challenge u to a word race.

OMG...u yea, did u guys notice our new wallpaper?? well, we put pics of elsaworldz and me, to say that "yea, its us!". chill thought it was too girlish, so he didnt want to come in the pic. we also changed the colors of the site, to kidna stand out everything. c, this was the problem w./ previous backgrounds:

1st background, yellow and brown: too dark
2nd background blue, white and green: color font wouldnt really stand out.

so, we came to a white background...and i think this is the one that we r gonna stick with for some time.

Oh, and i put up a new post in dizzywood posts "how to get your own dizzywood site". !!!

im gonna go and take a nap...bye.