Hey guys, today I recieved a lot of santa sacks.....FULL OF EMAILS!

here are some of my fans and there questions, which I am answering:

- Supergirl "Hi, elsaworldz, how can you get into Farthing's Pond?"
"Well supergirl, there are maybe 4 ways you can go to farthings pond. First the 3 ways are the 3 snow maze keys. Put them in the crystal keyhole in prestos edge and there you are in a snow maze, get to the end, and you will end up in farthings pond. Another simple way is to just go to the winter festival banner in prestos edge by the bridge, you also end up in prestos edge!"

- Alyyson says "Hey elsaworldz, what influenced you to come in dizzywood?"
"A lot!" "Well, I was downloading some movies, then this ad about dizzywood came up, and I thought I would give it a try, so I did, and I love it!"

And that's all! Only some emails, cause I ran out of time!

So, enjoy winter and I will write back soon!