Blue= elsaworldz  black= syler


AHH!! the spring break party thingie is tomorrow!??? OMG, i've like slept in...and wow, didnt even notice it was friday!! gotta go shopping

Oh wait a second, what about the party? did you get the decorations and everything??


but you just said you slept in...

um well um well

yea yea??

i did, but AFTER i got stuff ready 4 the party

really? can u show me?

um, well its a suprise!!

ya, a suprise to other dizzywood people...not me! i already know


come on...after all you DID get it ready..right?


show me then.

um ok..FINE i didnt do it!!

what?? r u crazy??

no, i hope not

well sometime u r. come on lets go!!

but the internet is out....come on its 8 in the morning, and its spring break!!

syler, common sense. we r chatting WITH INTERNET!! how can your internet be out?

UGGHHHH u got me

really, i didnt even notice....

oh come on!!!

wait a sec. i brought all the stuff...i spend like 10000 coins on this party shopping like all day! how come i have to set it up too??

ok ok, i'll go do it......with chill's help

ugghh.. i hate it when u do that.!!! i feel gulity now....come on let's go


to get the stuff readyy...uggh!!

gotcha...yep thats how you do that!! ha ha!!


yep, we were chatting 8 in the morning!!