Monday, March 30th.

This Saturday is the Spring Break Theme Party! I am soooo exicted...AHHH!! I can't believe Chill put me in charge of basically the WHOLE party. pretty much sucks. Elsaworldz is helping me, but she has to also think of a prank/joke for the site. Wonder what she comes up with :o . So, I am pretty much alone. Chill has to do some misson thing, so he can't help me. But you know what, I am NO decorations or ideas for the party yet...NOTHING! Care to give me advice?

So, here is the thing of what you should bring to the party. And ALL of the time and stuff will be posted on the front page like I think this thursday or friday. but, here is what you should BRING to the party...if you wanna come. But if you DONT have them ( except the fun personality....he he), it's ok, just come on anyways!

- Beach Towel or Straw Mat
- Beach Umbrealla 
- Wear shorts and a short sleeved top 
- Hat ( it's sunny at breakwater beach!) 
- your fun personality!!!!  ( must have...he he ) :)

So, just a grocery list 4 you guys. Allright, well bye!!

syler ~who rox your sox off majorly~