A dizzywood journal

Dear dizzywood journal.......

I logged in Canal City this morning and boy was it exicting! There was shops, cafes, airships, boats, clothing shops, playgrounds...WOW! You won't believe it. I think elsaworldz has already stated how to get in there without any membership or tour guide on the front page. This is a celebration day for almost every dizzywood citizen! "Ce-le-brate your times, Come on!!" He he. Just a tinee song. I am probably going to be in dizzywood probably the whole day! Whoa!

Anyways, did you notice? That the poll is here? I better go tell all my friends, so they can vote for Chill's secret gift!! Oh my, I better run! Sorry, no more time, I guess!!


Syler ~who rox your socks off majorly~