syler here. hopefully you have read the blog post about we quitting this site at the home page. we are quitting, cuz you know, there are a lot of other people out there, with dizzywood sites, and we dont get traffic. its kinda annoying when you work so hard for a site, and then you see that no people are coming to your site.

so, we are just gonna hand out site to a girl named starlight. she's one of our friends, and she is a great web designer and she is fun too. so, its her site from there.

we will truly miss you guys, and im sorry if chill wont write any last posts, but he has a final test to study for, so, he is kinda busy. so lets just say that this post was from me.....and him.

i think that starlight will kick it off on mother's day ( tomorrow) and introduce herself to you. so...BYE GUYS!!