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Some things...

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 31, 2009,
hey guys! im back on track! The snow cleared up Yay!!!!

ok, so syler says that she made a mistake on the vallie contest.....the deadline is gone....which means that if you wanted to join, then I am sorry, but it's too late. but hey, there is always a next competition.

the Vallie Competitors:



Please look at previous posts for when to come......or email syler at, just put Vallie Contest, Syler on the subject bo...
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Out for maybe 2-3 days!

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, January 29, 2009,
Hey this is elsaworldz and syler! Hey everybody...ok , we will probably NOT post for the next 2-3 days....until it's like a misson or daily event....

WHY?? Well, the snow is hitting our area here THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY!!! the weather people don't know...but they say that our power MIGHT get shutted off. So, when it's snowy or rainy here, my laptop doesn't work very well...and I get a LOT of errors.

I hope you understand,
stay warm have a safe week,
elsaworldz + syler
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Participants in Vallie Fashion Show

Posted by syler on Monday, January 26, 2009,
Hey, Syler here! Ok, we got 5 participants so far! We have one more slot one more person can join!

So, far ,  the participants are :


AND: lory123

Remember, you can always participate by emailing

The deadline for participating by email is: 2/11/09  No more deadline!! We have all the competitors!!


Participants- Please arrive at dizzywood, breezy, 2/13/09, 8:00 pm eastern time USA, prestos edge

if you have furth...

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Vallie Fashion Show!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, January 15, 2009,

I am like SOOO bored today...and I was looking for excitement for today. So, I just noticed something is that, we are close to the Vallie Fashion Show!!

The Vallie fashion show is like a fashion contest, where participants dress best for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is Feb. 14, so I want all of you to get ready.

The Vallie Fashion Show has some game to it. You are going to pick atleast 2 items to wear. The maximum you can wear is 8, then we will give you 10 minutes to make the best outfit...

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Posted by syler on Saturday, January 10, 2009,
Ok so here is the list of elsaworldz and my videos, first its the video name, then who is in it:

1. Dizzy Tv Episode 1 - chillinrazer, syler, elsaworldz

2. Milky Way -elsaworldz

3. Dizzywood Halloween 2008- elsaworldz

4. Gold Membership (dizzywood) DM(dizzywood moments) - elsaworldz

5. Bend it like Beckham -slideshow video

6. Twilight -slideshow video

7. Dizzywood true dance- chillinrazer, elsaworldz, syler

8. Merry Christmas - slideshow video

We have 8 videos. And Chillinrazer is mine and elsaworl...

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how to steal gold member clothes

Posted by elsaworldz on Saturday, January 10, 2009,
ok, so this will work if you got a friend  who is a gold member. ok, so go to her/his closet. wear a shirt or pant on, then log off, and when you look on again, you will be wearing it.

but, if you take it off, you have to do the whole process again, to wear it again.

i guess thats it.............bye.

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Snow is gone.

Posted by elsaworldz on Sunday, January 4, 2009,
yeah, I realized the snow is gone too.

not nice...huh?


1. New clothes are here friday.

2. check out the info. in HOME for the sticky ichor misson.

3. And, dont forget to take off those heavy winter clothes....he he.

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