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spring break theme party pics. COMING SOON!!!

Posted by elsaworldz on Sunday, April 26, 2009,
hola. syler here. remember the spring break theme party? yea, well the pics have to be downloaded. so, you will be probably see them soon.


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elsaworldz & syler talk = Elsaworldz and Syler Talk Show...jk jk

Posted by elsaworldz on Friday, April 3, 2009,

Blue= elsaworldz  black= syler


AHH!! the spring break party thingie is tomorrow!??? OMG, i've like slept in...and wow, didnt even notice it was friday!! gotta go shopping

Oh wait a second, what about the party? did you get the decorations and everything??


but you just said you slept in...

um well um well

yea yea??

i did, but AFTER i got stuff ready 4 the party

really? can u show me?

um, well its a suprise!!

ya, a suprise to other dizzywood people...not me! i already know


come on......

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I'm bored.... :)

Posted by elsaworldz on Thursday, April 2, 2009,
hey its syler. I'm bored today. its spring break week 4 us, so i got stuck home alone. though im on my laptop brainstorming ideas 4 the party.

i think elsaworldz told u about when and where and all that kinda stuff. so, be there!!! he he.

the rock bogies are still there in dizzywood. some slime u and some challenge u to a word race.

OMG...u yea, did u guys notice our new wallpaper?? well, we put pics of elsaworldz and me, to say that "yea, its us!". chill thought it was too girlish, so he did...
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