A dizzywood journal...

Hello, amigo! This is Syler, and a new feature has been added to this site! It's my very own dizzywood journal! All my secrets on dizzywood, what I do on dizzywood. I will be pretending that you guys are not reading, so I will say something like "I did this today..." . mark the "I" in the sentence.

Adventures in dizzywood are special, and they need a chance to be keepen.

Your own dizzywood journal!!

If you have an adventure or a special entry/occasion in dizzywood, let me know! Send us your story to
elsaworldz@yahoo.com and we will see if it is a story worth to be told. I will reply you if you won or lost with your story. Please don't feel bad if you are not choosen. If you are choosen, then you will have a choice to send us a dizzywood picture of your character, so I can post it in the front page!!

Thanks, guys. If possible, I will try to write everyday, but that is not guranteed. I might write randomly whenever I want, so come back often to check!!

Syler ~ The Syler who rocks your socks off!!~