A dizzywood journal

Dear dizzywood journal.....

Syler here. But of course you know that! I'm so sad, that I'm trying to cheer myself up.... You ask "why are you sad, Syler?" Well....here's why! Because there is nothing to do in Canal City for non-members!! :*(     weeping! I mean, you cannot buy food, cannot go on the airplane, can't buy clothes..nothing...nothing at all! EXCEPT to play games, and fish in the rivers. Oh dear, I think I'm better off at my place.....breakwater beach.

But my good old friends have cheered me up...and I'm ok. Thanks for asking :) he he. So, yes, old news, so lets forget that now! Anyways, Chill has told us that he will reveal our secret present next Friday! YAY!! I'm so exicted! He rocks, and yes he DOES rox my sox off! :) And did you tell ALL your friends to vote?? You didn't!!!??? Well, go go ahead, vote in the "Powers" page and tell all your friends that play dizzywood
!! WHOOO!!!

Go go go ahead!!


syler ~ who u wanna beez like~ ( creative)